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Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding during my recent absence as I 'rehabbed' my broken ankle!  It's better than ever now and I truly appreciate the uplifting emails, calls, cards, and text messages.  You each eased my recovery and had me looking forward to returning to the shop.  As many of you already know, it's not just what I do for a living - it's a passion and I'm so glad to be back!

Speaking of bikes*:  You probably remember your first bike or the first time you rode without training wheels.  The excitement and the freedom is something every child should experience.  If you wish to share that as an individual or as a family, visit and make a donation or purchase a gift card.

*If you're new to the site - WELCOME! - I broke my ankle demonstrating Newton's Law while cycling :)  

Lung Cancer Awareness:

Help to Quit Smoking:  American Lung Association


Thank you, Volunteers of the Murfreesboro Middle Half Marathon!!

The 2nd annual half marathon was a huge success and I want to thank the volunteers their time and expertise!



Find out more about Qi Gong here:



Daily News Journal Article/January 2008 



Research Message on Massage
These two studies are among recent controlled research that supports massage's beneficial effects on various conditions:


Migraines - A study in Annals of Behavioral Medicine (August 2006) reported that migraine sufferers who received weekly massages for six weeks had fewer migraines, felt less stress and slept better than those who didn't receive massages.


Cancer - A study in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research (July 2004) reported that women with breast cancer who received 15 massages over a five-week period had an increase in natural killer (NK) cells, a type of lymphocyte that works within the immune system to attach to cancer cells and release enzymes that kill them. These women also reported decreased anxiety, depression and anger, which went along with an increase in brain chemicals that act as mood enhancers.  


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 

Murfreesboro/Rutherford County

24-Hour Crisis Line (615) 494-9262

Domestic Violence Program & Sexual Assault Services of Rutherford County offers the following services:

Emergency Shelter

Legal Advocacy

Children's Services


Sexual Assault & Elder Abuse Support

Office Number (615) 494-9881


The Murfreesboro Half Marathon (September 22nd) was a huge success and the event was made possible by community and volunteer support.

I'd like to thank the following therapists who volunteered their time and skill to the massage therapy tent:

Jennifer Lynn, LMT of N2 Massage

Danielle McFarland, LMT of Allen Family Chiropractic

Franklin Prevatte, LMT of GCI/Olympus Athletic Club

and the students of GCI: Carrina Dudeck, Monica Hutchinson, Alma King, & Tammy Patterson

Thanks for answering the call to service - I could not have done it without you! 

Prevention & Rehabilitation of Running Injuries  



Earth Day is April 22nd  Every day is Earth Day

Celebrate with change - little things count:  flip a switch, plant a tree, share a ride, be aware and make a difference in this beautiful place we call home.


Boston's Bodyworlds Exhibit

In an effort to continue my anatomic studies I made a trip to Boston (January 2007) to view the Bodyworlds exhibit that included over 200 views of the human body and its various organs.

This 'body art' exposes the intricacies of the human form.  From musculature and internal organs to ligaments and skeletal structure, the detail that could be observed was amazing. 

Featured in one of America's most historic cities this exhibit was truly impressive.

Go to for more information.